A Teenager's Journey - Richard B. Pelzer

A Teenager's Journey - Richard B. Pelzer


Sequel to the No. 1 Bestseller, A Brother's Journey

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Surviving Adolescence

A Teenager's Journey chronicles the harrowing route to adulthood taken by Richard Pelzer, brother of Dave, the child called 'It'. The hideous cycle of destruction within the family turns into self-destruction as Richard discovers, as normal teenagers do, alcohol, drugs and sex. Here, at last, are substances that can help him escape the shame he carries with him, the fears and emotions he can neither understand nor deal with.

This is the story of crazed binges, of heady cocktails of alcohol and cocaine, of the lethal lure of heroin, the blissful highs and hideous lows that led, repeatedly, to attempts on his own life. It's a story of a tormented soul; of a boy in the impossible position of hating his mother with all his heart - while at the same time wishing she would protect him from the evils of the world. Yet it is also a story of faith. Initially, the faith of a neighbouring family who knew he was papering over the cracks of appalling pain and who helped him expose and deal with that pain.

Yet, ultimately, it's not a family, a State Youth Programme or a spell in the Marines that saved him. It is Richard himself, confronting the demons, who becomes the architect of his own salvation. And the story he tells in this book, the lessons he learned and now shares echo far beyond his own orbit. This teenager's story is also a universal story. It is a compelling and ultimately redemptive tale of escaping from guilt, fear and shame and embarking on the road to freedom.

Format: Paperback

Inscribed: N

Pages: 179

Publisher: Time Warner Books

Publication Date: 2006 First Edition

ISBN: 0-316-73139-0

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