Non-Fiction in a range of topics 

The Trauma Cleaner - Sarah Krasnostein

Pre-loved paperback true crime story nonfiction autobiography quality cheap secondhand book

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Time Basics 1:01 - Jim Muncy

Brand new reference text book self help learning nonfiction self published quality cheap book

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Ultimate Gastric Sleeve Success - Dr Duc C. Vuong

Brand new paperback reference health wellbeing self help nonfiction quality cheap book

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Making $#IT Happen - Peter Sheahan

Brand new paperback self help business entrepreneur nonfiction quality cheap book

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Janella Purcell's Elixir

Pre-loved paperback nonfiction health wellbeing food medicinal quality cheap secondhand book

$29.95 $19.99

55, Underemployed, and Faking Normal - Elizabeth White

Brand new paperback self help life financial wellbeing nonfiction retirement quality cheap book

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DMC Cross Stitch: Inspirations In Colour - Miky Dessein

Pre-loved hardcover with jacket hobbies art craft needlework sewing quality cheap secondhand book

$26.95 $22.50

Celebrations - Sharon Bennett

Pre-loved hardcover festive season celebrations hobbies art craft quality cheap secondhand book

$33.99 $24.95

Doing the Impossible - Patrick Bet-David

Pre-loved paperback self help nonfiction lifestyle wellbeing business quality cheap secondhand book

$62.50 $34.95

A Beginneet's Guide to Poultry - Deep J. Singh

Brand new nonfiction reference book prepping survival food outdoors pets animals quality cheap book

$32.00 $24.95

Leonardo da Vinci - Karen Ball & Rosie Dickins

Brand new hardcover children nonfiction art history learning early reader junior quality cheap book

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The Dressmaker's Technique Bible - Lorna Knight

Brand new hobbies art craft sewing nonfiction spiral bound hardcover quality cheap book

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Special Occasion Crafts - Get Creative

Pre-loved paperback art craft hobby celebration special occasion quality cheap secondhand book

$29.95 $26.50

Growing Roses - A.S. Thomas

Pre-loved paperback reference guide gardening outdoors nonfiction quality cheap secondhand book

$16.95 $14.95

Fitness Hacks For Over 50 - K. Aleisha Fetters, CSCS

Brand new paperback health wellbeing exercise nonfiction self help quality cheap book

$21.95 $19.95

The No-Nonsense Guide to International Migration - Peter Stalker

Brand new nonfiction reference information study migration travel anthropological quality cheap book

$32.95 $26.50

the No-Nonsense Guide to Indigenous Peoples - Lotte Hughes

Brand new paperback reference information guide knowledge history anthropological quality cheap book

$38.95 $29.95

The BIG Book on the Gastric Sleeve

Pre-loved paperback health wellbeing nonfiction reference guidebook quality cheap secondhand book

$49.95 $26.95

Your Best Body - Michelle Bridges

Pre-loved paperback self help health wellbeing recipe exercise nonfiction quality cheap secondhand

$34.95 $28.95

Losing the Last 5 Kilos - Michelle Bridges

Pre-loved paperback self help diet health wellbeing recipe quality cheap secondhand book

$15.95 $12.95

Lonely Planet's Best of Great Britain

Pre-loved paperback first edition travel nonfiction reference quality cheap secondhand book

$38.00 $26.95

The Home Colours Sourcebook: Neutrals - Alice Buckley

Brand new hardcover spiral bound home maintenance interior design renovation quality cheap book

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Practical Craft Projects - Treasure Press

Pre-loved hardcover art craft hobbies non fiction reference learning quality cheap secondhand book

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The Fictional Woman - Tara Moss

Brand New Adult Non Fiction Memoir Biographical True Story Quality Cheap Book

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Animal Series Bundle - Jane Goodall

Hard cover animal wildlife series informative educational bundle quality cheap secondhand book

$19.95 $14.95

Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry fourth edition - David L. Nelson & Michael M. Cox

Pre-loved non-fiction reference textbook educational quality cheap secondhand book


The Greats - Channel 9 & The Bulletin

Pre-loved hardcover non-fiction history reference first edition quality cheap secondhand book

$29.95 $26.50

Readers' Digest Science Encyclopedia

Pre-loved hardcover reference text book educational children's non-fiction cheap secondhand book

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Your Kids' Money - Anita Bell

Brand new non-fiction financial family parenting reference self help guide quality cheap book

$34.95 $28.00

The Philosophy Gym - Stephen Law

Pre-loved hardcover nonfiction reference science information text quality cheap secondhand book

$16.95 $12.95

Savage Stone Age - Terry Deary (Horrible Histories)

Pre-loved paperback junior history reference information nonfiction quality cheap secondhand book

$6.95 $4.50

Space, Stars and Slimy Aliens - Nick Arnold (Horrible Science)

Pre-loved paperback junior nonfiction science learning reference guide quality cheap secondhand book

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The Horsemaster's Notebook - Mary Rose FBHS

pre-loved hardcover pet animal reference book horse guide vet non fiction cheap secondhand book

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Cooling Down Teen Stress - Delight Johnston Chandler & Cameron Johnston

Pre-loved young adult paperback self help reference guide mental health cheap secondhand book

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Horrible Histories: The Terrible Tudors and the Slimy Stuarts - Terry Deary, Neil Tonge & Martin Bro...

Pre-loved paperback junior history reference information study cheap secondhand book

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The Vicious Vikings and the Measly Middle Ages - Terry Deary & Martin Brown (Horrible Histories)

Pre-loved paperback children history information reference study textbook cheap secondhand book

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Climate Change - Emily Boyd & Emma Tompkins

Pre-loved non fiction audiobook information reference text cheap secondhand

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Charlie Brown's Fourth Super Book Of Questions and Answers - Hedda Nussbaum

Pre-loved hardcover children reference guide non fiction vintage collectable cheap secondhand book

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Childcraft Picture Atlas: A Book of Lands and Peoples - Keith Lye

Pre-loved children reference book atlas information reference travel history cheap secondhand book

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Natural Horse Care - Pat Coleby

Pre-loved paperback animal pet reference nonfiction medical health wellbeing cheap secondhand book

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Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert T. Kiyosaki & Sharon L. Letter C. P. A

Pre-loved paperback novel self help learn money finance teach children money cheap secondhand book

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The Crystal Bible - Judy Hall

Pre-loved paperback novel reference guide new age mind body spirit religion cheap secondhand book

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Pinterest Power - Jason Miles and Karen Lacey

Pre-loved paperback advertising business computing reference guide cheap secondhand book

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Spanish Verbs - Gail Stein (The Complete Idiot's Guide To)

Pre-loved paperback language reference learning guide Spanish teaching cheap secondhand book

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The Children's Bible Old & New Testament - Golden Press

Pre-loved hardcover religious teachings reference guide children junior reader cheap secondhand book

$24.95 $10.00

Health Care & Common Problems of Horses - John Kohnke & Ruth Davis

Pre-loved paperback reference textbook pet animal care health cheap secondhand book

$25.95 $10.95

Teach Yourself Philosophy of Mind - Mel Thompson

Pre-loved paperback nonfiction reference text book information study cheap secondhand book

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Animal Series - Jane Goodall

Pre-loved hardcover bulk bundle children nonfiction wild animal information cheap secondhand books

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The Barefoot Investor - Scott Pape

Pre-loved paperback finance help guide budget tips money cheap secondhand book

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Bake It - Bay Books

Pre-loved paperback nonfiction cookbook baking dessert food reference cheap secondhand book

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Yoga for You - Tara Fraser

Pre-loved hardcover with jacket first edition health wellbeing sport exercise cheap secondhand book

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Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology Sixth Edition - Elaine N. Marieb

Pre-loved paperback text book reference study higher education allied health cheap secondhand book

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Feng Shui - Stephen Skinner

Pre-loved paperback nonfiction new age health wellbeing first edition cheap secondhand book

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The Event Horse - Sheila Willcox

Pre-loved hardcover horse event riding pets animals nonfiction cheap secondhand book

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Grow Your Own Vegetables - Rachelle Strauss (Green Guides)

Pre-loved paperback gardening guide health wellbeing self sufficiency cheap secondhand book

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Monsters on Wheels - George Ancona

Pre-loved hardcover nonfiction vintage out of print cheap secondhand book

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Learning Mathematics: Glossary

Pre-loved paperback text book reference children junior maths learning cheap secondhand book

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Fit for Riding - Richard Meade

Pre-Loved hardcover nonfiction pet animal horse riding first edition cheap secondhand book

$8.99 $5.50

Inclusion: Battling for Disability - Christine Baxter

Pre-Loved paperback novel non-fiction true story family and parenting secondhand book

$21.75 $18.95

Horrible Histories: Angry Aztecs - Terry Deary

Pre-Loved Paperback novel junior non-fiction history secondhand book

$6.95 $4.50

Essential Managers Project Management New Edition - Peter Hobbs

Brand new paperback non-fiction business management reference guide how-to book

$21.95 $18.45

Essential Managers Flexible Working - Lara Kavanagh & Wes Nicholson

Brand new paperback non-fiction reference guide business management how-to book

$11.95 $8.95

Essential Managers Negotiating - Michael Benoliel and Wei Hua

Brand new paperback reference non fiction business management guide how-to book

$21.95 $16.95

Usborne Staying Safe Online - Louie Stowell

Brand new paperback self-help guide book safety on internet non fiction reference

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National Geographic - June 2002

Pre-loved magazine national geographic june 2002 discounted secondhand book

$15.95 $6.50

Healing Victims of Sexual Abuse - Paula Sandford

Pre-loved paperback self-help reference wellbeing discounted cheap secondhand book

$27.50 $9.95

Hyperspace! - David A. Adler & Fred Winkowski

Pre-loved hardcover junior non-fiction text activity reference vintage secondhand book

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Complete Digital Photography - Tom And

Pre-loved paperback reference text book hobbies photography secondhand book

$14.99 $9.99

Meet... Captain Cook - Rae Murdie & Chris Nixon

Pre-loved paperback novel children's history true story secondhand book

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Girl Gangs, Biker Boys, and Real Cool Cats - Iain McIntyre & Andrew Nette

Pre-loved paperback history of pulp fiction secondhand book

$45.00 $38.99

The War Machine - James Avery Joyce

Pre-loved paperback novel vintage collectable non fiction secondhand book


The Fragrant Pharmacy - Valerie Ann Worwood

Pre-loved paperback non-fiction natural medicinal secondhand book


The International Drinkers' Companion - Bob Sennett

Pre-loved paperback alcohol cocktail vintage secondhand book


How Detectives Solve Crime - Tony Dunne

Pre-loved hardcover junior non-fiction vintage police detective crime secondhand book


World Philosophy: An Exploration in Words and Images

Pre-Loved Reference World Philosophy Hardcover with jacket Secondhand Study Book


Quiz Facts Plants & Animals - Peter Eldin

Pre-Loved Book Children Junior Non-Fiction Quiz Facts: Plants & Animals - Peter Eldin Secondhand


50 Philosophy Classics - Tom Butler-Bowdon

Thinking, Being, Acting, Seeing. Profound Insights and Powerful Thinking from Fifty Key Books.

$39.95 $22.95

Cooking for Crowds For Dummies - Dawn & Curt Simmons

Over 100 recipes, plus time-saving planning tips and sanity-saving suggestions. Paperback

$24.95 $21.95

Compact Houses: Essential Tips

$12.95 $8.95

The Best of Handmade - The Australian Women's Weekly

$24.95 $20.00

The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Horses & Ponies

$37.00 $28.95

The Knack Volume 22- Richard Chapman & Martin Preston

$11.95 $6.95

Dream Decoder - Dr. Fiona Zucker


What to do in an Emergency - Reader's Digest


K.I.S.S Guide to the Internet - Willie Lubka & Nancy Holden

$19.99 $15.00

Bodytrim: The weight Loss Secret - Alex Sisiolas

$21.90 $16.45

Bicarbonate of Soda - Diane Sutherland, Jon Sutherland, Liz Keevill and Kevin Eyres


Bisexual Women in the Twenty-First Century - Dawn Atkins

$60.00 $42.95

The Road Ahead - Bill Gates

$13.75 $9.95

Today's Best Nonfiction 5-in-1 Reader's Digest

$9.95 $5.95

Sweep Up the Sun - Helen Frost and Rick Lieder

$28.75 $22.95

The Felt Book - Clare Beaton

$14.95 $10.00

Mind Maps for Kids - Tony Buzan

$24.85 $19.95

How to do Just About Anything with your Digital Photos - Graham Davis

$12.99 $8.95

Stories to Read Aloud: Scholastic Collections - Ian Souter

$11.50 $9.95

Classical Music - John Stanley

$75.00 $34.50

National Geographic - June 2014

$6.95 $4.65

The Liver cleansing Diet - Dr. Sandra Cabot

$13.45 $9.75

MYOB Software for Dummies - Veechi Curtis

$42.85 $28.95