Wild Horses Don't Swim - Michael Keenan

Wild Horses Don't Swim - Michael Keenan


Author of The Horses Too Are Gone

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The bull moved out of the spear grass and onto the creek bank, vigorously shaking his head. The ivory-tipped horns were like giant skewers. He raised more dust and I could hear the saliva gurgling deep in his throat. In full view on the bank, we all stood vulnerable to a thousand kilograms of hard muscle.

'Look for a tree!' I yelled.

The Horses Too Are Gone, the true story of Michael Keenan's fight to save his cattle and his farm from drought, won the hearts and minds of readers all over Australia. In Wild Horses Don't Swim, Mike embarks on another quest: to rescue the magnificent wilderness of the west Kimberley from being destroyed forever.

The Fitzroy River, one of the last great rivers flowing freely to the sea, is the lifeblood of the west Kimberley. When Mike heard of plans to dam it to allow cotton-growing, he was horrified. A dam on the Fitzroy could cause an environmental disaster greater than any Australia has ever known.

With the help of the local Bunuba people, fierce opponents of the dam which threatened their homeland and sacred sites, Mike organised a horseback trek to explore the area and discover what was at stake. What he found was a paradise of unique plants, pristine rivers and dramatic gorges.

In Wild Horses Don't Swim we join Mike, his intrepid wife Sal and their Bunuba friends in an action-packed adventure as they dodge wild bulls, ford raging torrents, brave bushfires and climb sheer cliffs - searching for the legendary rock art that might be lost forever.

Format: Paperback

Inscribed: N

Pages: 267

Publisher: Bantam

Publication Date: 2000 First Edition

ISBN: 1-86325-183-9

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