Pen Pals # 1-5 - Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Pen Pals # 1-5 - Sharon Dennis Wyeth


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Pen Pals # 1-5 book bundle.

# 1 - Boys Wanted!

Advertise for boys?

Why not? There are no boys at the Alma Stephens School for Girls, and Lisa, Palmer, Shanon and Amy don't want to spend every Saturday night up in their suite just eating pizza and complaining. So they advertise for pen pals - male pen pals! Their ad works - maybe too well.

Will their pen-pal idea get them into big trouble with Miss Pryn, the strict head-mistress? Can their pen-pals really be as nice as they sound? And why is Shanon so afraid to meet her pen pal face to face?

# 2 - Too Cute for Words

Whose pen pal is he, anyway?

Amy thinks her pen pal, Simmie Randolph III, is the cutest guy at Ardsley Academy - and her roommate Palmer agrees! In fact, Palmer wants Simmie for herself, and she'll do anything to get him - even if it means breaking up the four Foxes and ruining their pen pal exchange for everyone.

Can Amy hold on to Simmie? Does she want to? And can she ever trust Palmer again?

# 3 - P.S. Forget It!

It's war between Palmer and Lisa!

Palmer is out to prove that her pen pal is the best - and her suite mate Lisa's is a jerk. When Lisa receives strange letters and a mysterious prank gift, it looks as if Palmer may be right. But does she have to be so smug about it? Before long, it's all-out war in Suite 3-D. From the sidelines, Shanon and Amy think something fishy is going on, Is the pen pal scheme going too far? Will it stop before Lisa does something she may regret? Or will the girls learn to settle their differences?

# 4 - No Creeps Need Apply

Win or lose?

Palmer takes up tennis so she can play in the Alma-Ardsley tennis tournament with her pen pal, Simmie Randolph III. Lisa helps coach her, with such good results that both girls are thrilled with themselves - and each other.

But when Palmer finds herself playing against, not with, her super-competitive pen pal, she realises that winning the game could mean losing him!

Palmer really wants Simmie to like her. But she also wants to play her best. Besides, if she throws the match and lets the school down, her suite mates will think she's a real creep. Is any boy worth the loss of your friends?

# 5 - Sam the Sham

Is this some kind of joke?

Palmer and Shanon are tutoring children as part of their school's community-service requirement. Shanon loves it, but Palmer can't keep her mind on her young pupil, Gabby - she's rather think about her new pen pal. His name is Sam O'Leary, and his letters are wonderful.

But Palmer has a lot to learn about priorities - and about Sam. Gabby really looks up to Palmer, and is devastated when Palmer disappoints her. And it seems there is no Sam O'Leary at Ardsley. But if that's true, who's been writing to Palmer?

Format: Paperback

Inscribed: N

Pages: 136, 133, 119, 134, 117

Publisher: Dell Yearling

Publication Date: 1989,

ISBN: 0-440-40224-7, 0-440-40225-5, 0-440-40230-1, 0-440-40241-7, 0-440-40250-6

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