Fit for Riding - Richard Meade

Fit for Riding - Richard Meade


Medical Adviser Dr Alan Maryon-Davis

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Competitive riding demands a high level of general fitness and, perhaps more importantly, that both horse and rider should be ready to react confidently to any situation. The trust and confidence that develop in the partnership stem from the training routines that they undertake together. In this book the author stresses the importance of fitting oneself to the job in hand.

Beginning with a section on general fitness routines which improve any rider's overall level of readiness the book then deals with training routines for the partnership. In particular it pays attention to the horse's health and his readiness to meet the demands of competition. Careful consideration is also given to equipment and preparation routines.

Few competitive sports are free from accidents at some time and there is a section on general and particular injuries and a reminder of basic first aid.

Written by an expert horseman this complete programme will improve the overall performance of both horse and rider.

Format: Hardcover

Inscribed: N

Pages: 73

Publisher: R J Acford

Publication Date: 1984 First Edition

ISBN: 0-7134-4223-9

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