Fight Against Albatross Two - Colin Thiele

Fight Against Albatross Two - Colin Thiele



Albatross Two is an offshore oil well. From the moment the giant rig arrives off the little fishing village of Ripple Bay and begins drilling, it dominates the lives of everyone in the community.

To Mr Huxtable, Hank the tool-pusher, The Sausage, and Niko the Barrel, it is a beautiful machine 'erected to the god, Oil, and his half-brother, Mammon'. To Mario Bukovitch, Moisten Mankovitz, Dave Banks, and the other crazy-fishermen, it is a technological juggernaut that befouls their fishing grounds and destroys their livelihood. To Link, Tina, Craypot, Hookie, and the other teenagers of the village it is a source of wonder and endless discussion.

Fourteen-year-old Link Banks gets a job as cook's assistant aboard the rig and begins to learn something of the fascinating technology that makes offshore oil-drilling possible. He is there when Albatross Two blows out. The resulting oil spill threatens to kill all the marine bird life on the coast. Link's sister, Tina, aided by Mr Hackett, a retired professor of zoology, fights desperately to save the life of Piglet, a Fairy Penguin she has befriended.

In the end all technological resources of the Oil Company have to be used to strangle Albatross Two. The confrontation of man against nature, man against man, and finally man against the monster, which he himself has created, makes a thrilling story that is as up to date as today's energy crisis and as relevant as the survival of our environment.

Colin Thiele has long been interested in conservation and in Fight Against Albatross Two he graphically shows the conflict between the need to develop our energy resources and the need to develop our energy resources and the need to preserve our shores from pollution.

Format: Paperback

Inscribed: N

Pages: 204

Publisher: Rigby Publishers

Publication Date: 1986 from 1974 Copyright

ISBN: 0-7270-2022-6

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