Doing the Impossible - Patrick Bet-David

Doing the Impossible - Patrick Bet-David


The 25 Laws for Doing the Impossible

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Recreate Yourself -

1. Invest in Your Identity  2. Let the Right Ones In  3. Protect Your Credibility  4. Strengthen Your Greatest Weapon  5. Challenge Your Way of Thinking  6. Know Your "Why?"  7. Work Like It's 1880  8. Elevate Imagination to a Whole New Level  9. Be As Curious as Alice  10. Break Away From the Old You

Identify Your Cause -

11. Decide to Be the Chosen One  12. Go "All In" With One Industry  13. Push the Envelope  14. Turn Your Cause into a Crusade  15. Channel Your Obsession  16. Evangelize Your Message  17. Aim for the Moon  18. Keep the Faith

Go Make History - 

19. Be Bold  20. Embrace Your Frustrations  21. Fight Adversity like Muhammad Ali  22. Let Controversy Be Your Status Quo  23. Silence Your Critics  24. Charge Your Batteries with Challenges  25. Have Heart

Remember when you were young and dreamed of doing the impossible? Becoming an NBA star? Traveling the world? Being the next great fashion designer? Starting the next iconic American company? Whatever your dream was as a child, chances are somewhere along the way that dream got lost in the nine-to-five grind, forgotten in the adult ideas of what is and what is not achievable.

Ask yourself this: If other people have overcome great odds, the doubts of others, and huge challenges to achieve the impossible, why not you? This book is a step-by-step guide to first becoming an impossibility thinker and then an impossibility doer.

Recreate Yourself - If you are not happy with where you are in life today, the good news is that your path is not written in stone/ This book will show you how to write your own story by recreating yourself as someone who can and will do the impossible.

Identify Your Cause - This book is a roadmap for those who want to do something big with their lives. What lies at the end of that journey will be different for every individual. But one thing is true for all those looking to do the impossible: You must have a cause that captures your heart. The impossible is only possible if your cause is more powerful than the challenges that you will face along the way.

Go Make History - This part of the roadmap will have mountains to climb and landmines to avoid, but at the end of the journey lies unfathomable rewards for your perseverance. When you reach the end, how will your family and friends describe you? What will the history books say about you? How will it feel to have done the impossible?

Format: Paperback

Inscribed: N

Pages: 160

Publisher: Patrick Bet-David

Publication Date: 2011

ISBN: 978-1-937624-69-9

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