After the Storm - Colonel E. H. Jim Ammerman

After the Storm - Colonel E. H. Jim Ammerman


Thousands come to Christ...

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The inspiring untold story of the soldiers who accepted Christ in the land of Mohammed. Is our generation about to witness the greatest revival in history?

Out of the stormy chaos of ancient strife and modern warfare comes the good news of peace and revival.

Throughout history, God has used ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances to deliver His message of repentance and renewal. Against the threat of persecution and death, they have boldly proclaimed God's plan of salvation and have witnessed kings and kingdoms fall to their knees in acknowledgement of His sovereignty.

Although not widely reported, thousands of soldiers were baptised in the name of Jesus Christ while serving their country in the Persian Gulf. Now, as these brave men and women return home, they are coming back with more than memories of war. They are bringing with them the good news of eternal peace and the eager desire to be part of a mighty army for the Lord.

In this important book you will discover ...

- extraordinary accounts of the courageous ministry of chaplains in the armed forces.

- the inspiring stories of soldiers who have accepted Christ as the Saviour.

- how you can be prepared to fulfil your role in the coming revival.

Whenever a major movement of the Holy Spirit has occurred, it has brought a series of events that have chanced the course of history. Today we are on the verge of what may be the last and greatest period of spiritual renewal before the return of the Messiah.

Format: Paperback

Inscribed: N

Pages: 162

Publisher: Star Song Publishing Group

Publication Date: 1991 First Edition

ISBN: 1-56233-023-3

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