Time Basics 1:01 - Jim Muncy

Time Basics 1:01 - Jim Muncy


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Jim Muncy has spent years learning what people need for success. When

his department head at the university where he teaches asked him to

develop a class that would really help prepare students for the business

world, Dr. Muncy knew exactly what it would be. “The biggest challenge our

students face as they enter the business world is time management” Dr.

Muncy explains. “Unless they quickly master the basics of time management,

they will find themselves falling further and further behind in their

careers. It can get worse. Soon they will start families and take on other

responsibilities. They can quickly become buried unless they learn to

balance all the demands on their time.”

Dr. Muncy explains how his approach to teaching time management

evolved over the years. “Originally, I took the same approach you will find in

most time management books. I focused on technique. Then I learned that

people weren’t experiencing time challenges because they didn’t have

good time management systems. The problem was more basic than that.

They never learned the basics of time management.” Once his students

learned the time basics, they started making huge improvements in how

they managed their time. Dr. Muncy goes on to explain, “It is like we try to

teach people calculus before they learn basic math.” When he started

teaching the time basics, that’s when he started seeing major changes in

the lives of his students.

In this book, Dr. Muncy gives you the information that has impacted so

many people who have heard him speak or taken his class. He keeps time

management very simple. He presents the basics in an easy to understand

manner. At the same time, these basics have a profound impact on those

who learn them. Time Basics is a must read for those who wish to get better

control of their time so as to live a fuller life. Through learning the basics,

anyone can make time their servant and not their master.

Format: Paperback

Pages: 220

Publisher: Self Published

ISBN: 978-0-9722197-1-6

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