Ramble Book - Adam Buxton

Ramble Book - Adam Buxton


Musings on Childhood, Friendship, Family and 80s Pop Culture

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1. walk for pleasure in the countryside.
‘Dr Buckles and Rosie the dog love rambling in the countryside.’

2. talk or write at length in a confused or inconsequential way.
‘Adam rambles on about lots of consequential, compelling and personal matters in his tender, insightful, hilarious and totally unconfused memoir, Ramble Book.’

Ramble Book is about parenthood, boarding-school trauma, arguing with your partner, bad parties, confrontations on trains, friendship, wanting to fit in, growing up in the '80s, dead dads, teenage sexual anxiety, failed artistic endeavours, being a David Bowie fan and how everything you read, watch and listen to as a child forms a part of the adult you become.


David Bowie - AKA: The Thin White Duke; Ziggy Stardust; Zavid - Shape-shifting, pin-up pop star that zapped Buxton's young mind.

Nigel Buxton - AKA: Baaadad; Daddy; PA - Gruff, critical, but well-intentioned father; determined to do the best he could.

Rosie the Dog - AKA: Rosiedog; Douglas; The Hairy Bullet - Loving dog companion.

Format: Hardcover with jacket

Pages: 388

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 978-0-00-829334-5

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