Fitness Hacks For Over 50 - K. Aleisha Fetters, CSCS

Fitness Hacks For Over 50 - K. Aleisha Fetters, CSCS


300 Easy Ways to Incorporate Exercise Into Your Life

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Simple solutions for any fitness level - no experience necessary!

No matter what your health goals are, one thing is true: Fitness is the key to healthy aging. But how do you handle busy schedules and inconsistent energy? Simple - hack your fitness!

Getting - and staying - fit is as easy as following the quick (and fun!) hacks in this book. Want to improve your balance and coordination? Try using your opposite hand or playing shopping go-kart. Interested in increased flexibility? It can be as simple as raising your thumbs to the wall. Want to build muscle? Sneak in some kitchen-counter push-ups and break your binge-watching. Looking to improve your endurance? Two words: Speed mop!

Most of these hacks don't take much time - often as little as 30 seconds. And when you don't need to join a gym, carve out time you don't have, or even leave your house, living an active lifestyle becomes infinitely more doable and enjoyable.

When you discover how to make fitness mesh seamlessly with your regular schedule at a pace that fits your age - and your lifestyle - that's when true health happens!

Format: Paperback

Pages: 207

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 978-1-5072-1278-3

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