Crossing Over- John Edward

Crossing Over- John Edward


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The Stories Behind the Stories.

An Excerpt from Crossing Over

About halfway through my talk, a tall woman in a long coat entered and walked along the back wall. She came in unobtrusively, but she had a dark energy that everyone in the room seemed to sense. People turned to look at her as she made her way left to right and found a place to stand in the corner. Okay, this might be a problem, I thought as I kept talking. Her negative energy was so strong that she was blocking out spirits that I had felt on that side of the room before she entered.

Then the woman screamed out, "Where's the proof?"

Everyone turned to look.

"You can't prove this scientifically! This is nonsense!"

The audience started murmuring. A man yelled at her, "Go write your own book. Shut up or leave."

"You're all stupid fools!"

This woman was my first heckler. Before it got too ugly, I stepped in. "Wait, wait," I said. "This woman obviously has her own belief system, or disbelief system. So why not listen? I always tell people to keep their skepticism. I'm not here to convince anyone of anything, but let's entertain her questions. But first" - I looked at her - "I have just one question for you. Do you believe in God?"


"Well, then I don't think I can help you, because this is something that is driven by a belief in God. It's the energy from that force that I think allows us to create this energy."

The people applauded, and I got back to the audience. I closed my eyes, breathed deeply, and rubbed my hands. "I'm coming over here," I said, walking o my right towards a middle-aged woman. I noticed that a man had been sitting with her, but had gotten up and left. The woman acknowledged a few things. Meanwhile Darth Vader was rolling her eyes. I tried to stay focused. It's your daughter who's coming through, I told the woman. She's saying she was murdered. But she wants you to know she is safe on the other side. The woman validated virtually everything I told her over the next few minutes. "I only wish my husband was still here to hear this," she said finally.

"I did," came a soft voice from an unseen corner of the room.

Format: Paperback

Pages: 260

Publisher: Jodere Group

Publication Date: 2001

ISBN: 1-58872-002-0

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